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Waltec is specialized in the design and supply of installations for industrial, bulky, construction and demolition waste. Together with our clients, partners, engineers and mechanics, we keep developing better sorting solutions. We built our own air technique, which is the heart of every installation. With this technique, we can easily separate waste all over the world. We do it ‘The Waltec Way’.

About The Waltec Way

Best of both worlds

More than 25 years' experience teach us: don't touch waste too much.

The Waltec Way

We combine the best key components from specialists, known all over the world and line this up in our own design to create a custom solution. Experience and creativity combined with local attention afterwards from our service team. The best of both worlds.

Our promises

We know space has great value. By building compactly, you keep an overview, decrease the distance between machines, end up with more storage space and have to clean less.

We design according to our don’t touch principle. The less you touch waste, the more coarse it stays and the easier it is to separate it.

More recycling is better for the planet. The more coarse the waste is, the easier you can create something new.

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